Here’s a list of names and contact information on those who have let the WHSAA know that they are the contact person for their class. Unfortunately we do no have access to information on someone in every class.

All Years Reunion Aimee Ayers –

Class of 1945: Florese – 410-484-2928

Class of 1955: Suzanne 410-560-3106

Class of 1958: Ellen Shofer Engelman at
(650) 964-8627 (Home) or (650) 255-1562 (cell)

Class of 1959: Dawn Hagedorn Tamberino 410-252-1677

Class of 1960: Rosalie Arcuri Bowen at

Class of 1965: Pat Chason – 410-583-8775

Class of 1968: Tracy Miller

Class of 1969: Lenore Constantino Malin

Class of 1974: Mollie Nix

Class of 1975: Pam Rigby (443) 722-1579

Class of 1979: Robilyn Heath (443) 860-9960

Class of 1980: Sheila R. Howard

Class of 1985: WHS 1985 Reunion Committee

Class of 1989: Melodie Hagner Salava

Class of 1990: Monica P. Dailey

Class of 1993:

Class of 1994: Nayeli Garcia,  Kelly Hearns (Fogg),  and Corris Davis
                           or call 1-877-292-9938

Class of 1999: Chandra 443-857-3746

Class Reunion Coordinators: To request posting of your reunion information on our website, please complete the form on the ‘Reunions’ page or contact the WHSAA Reunion Liaison: Lynnette Dodson (Easley)