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Original Memorabilia
donated by a descendant of Daisy (Norris) Kriel, a member of the class of 1889.

This bisque doll was presented to the members of the graduating class of 1889 from the underclass students.

Daisy (Norris) Kriel, Class of 1889

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  1. Performing in Western High School’s production of “The Wiz”. Audrey McCallum was the director of the chorus. The play was performed in 1986 with two sold out performances. Tickets were $10.00. Poly students performed some of the male parts. Western received rave reviews. This was great experience with theater, acting and teamwork. Another great time was singing in the Sounds Unlimited choir in 1986. Audrey McCallum was our beautiful conductor. We performed throughout the State of MD and received rave reviews. What a great time! 🙂

    The class of 1989 was performing the traditional freshman clean up of the “quad” on the day after Spring Revel, when someone got the idea of holding hands across the quadrangle (courtyard). We sang the “Hands Across America” song and had fun carrying out our cleaning task! Or at least I did!!
    By the way, “Hands Across America”, was a nationwide fundraising campaign against poverty that included a blue line being painted across the US and people donating to be in the hand holding, human chain across the country in May ’86! That was interesting news, at the time.

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