Testimony from an An Anonymous Alumna
"I found a lump in 1991 and had a partial mastectomy followed by radiation treatment.  I was teaching part time and we managed to arrange my treatment at the public hospital so that I came down every day after I finished teaching.
I got very tired, but managed.
5 years later a different cancer was found in the other breast. This time it had gotten to one of my glands.  My oncologist, who was also the head of oncology at the public hospital, sent me for 6 months of chemotherapy.  I was pretty ill the day after my first treatment but was due to return a final exam to my class.  The boys (I was at an all boys school, rather like Poly in some ways) just knew I was not well and they were very good and very concerned.  The school arranged my timetable the next year so that I had the afternoon of my chemotherapy free.  I'd just make it to the end of the week and sleep most of the weekend.   I went on to Tamoxifen for 7 years, then onto Anastrazole since then.
Early detection was so important.  Regular self checks found the first.  Mammograms found the second."

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